An open source re-implementation of the C&C Red Alert engine.

Written from scratch in C++, using SDL2 and OpenAL


RedAlert++ is a project that aims to create an accurate reimplementation of the game engine used for the classic Westwood Studios RTS, Command & Conquer: Red Alert in C++.

The team developing this are fans of the game who want to see the original game preserved and ensure it can be enjoyed properly on modern platforms. They do not have access to any of the original source code, and the project is being developed from scratch through careful examination and comparison to the original to ensure the new engine is as accurate to the original engine as possible. The project is not endorsed, sponsored or in any other way connected to EA/Electronic Arts and and has no intention to profit from the endeavour.

Until we are ready for public testing, if you have any questions related to the project or want to follow its progress, you are welcome to visit our official forums hosted on the PPM Network.

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